Policies and Forms

Pongo’s Pals Policies

Reservations: It is best to plan several weeks in advance in order to obtain pet sitting services on the dates you desire. A complimentary in-home interview is required prior to reservations for all new clients. While I can tentatively pencil in your dates, it’s important I meet with you and your pet(s) in order to determine your needs before either of us makes a commitment to providing care for your pets. I always like to have a short walk with dogs so we can get to know each other. Of course there is no charge for this greeting.

Payments: Payments for walking or sitting services are to be paid in full at the time of booking or on the first day that service begins. We accept Cash, Check. Prices do not include Rhode Island Sales Tax of 7%. I will provide an invoice via email or regular mail.

Extended Absence: In the event you have to be away longer than planned it is mandatory that I hear from you! I will only accept extensions of service by direct confirmation.  The well-being of your pets depends on our communication.


                            Daily/ Weekly Visits and / or Dog Walks:

We understand that plans can change.  We don’t charge for cancellations with adequate notice.  However, cancellations made after 8pm the night before the visit will be charged 50% cost of daily visit. Cancellations the day of visit will be charged full price of the visit.

                               Pet Sitting for Vacation clients:

Once service dates have been secured by Pongo’s Pals and client  the cancellation policy is as follows:

15 days notice or more prior to day of departure -100% refund. 

 7-14 days prior to departure – 50% Refund.

6 days or less prior to departure results in no refund.

“Last minute” requests

Requests made after 5pm the day before requested visit will have $3.00 charge added to the requested visit.

Early Return: I understand that things happen that cause plans to change. Once I have scheduled, confirmed, and begun your pet sitting appointment, a fee will apply to cancellations due to early return because I’ve set that time aside for your pets. In the event that you return home early, you will be charged full cost for scheduled appointments within 48 hours of your unscheduled return. Any remaining balance for early return cancellations will be credited to your account for future pet sitting needs.

Keys:  I recommend that your key remain in your file (a locked safe with a name coding system) for the convenience of future services and to enable online/telephone reservations, thus avoiding future key pick up appointments. Should you choose to have your key returned, a $8 key pick up/drop off charge will be applied to future visits.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, please provide the name and phone number of a person living nearby. While I do my very best to get to your home there may be times that I cannot reach your home due to impassable roads or road closures and I will contact this person to request assistance. The health and safety of your pets is my utmost concern and I will do everything in my power to help in the events such as these. I am a good point of contact and will use all available technology to keep you informed.

Checking In: You may call or text me between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily to check on your pets during your absence. Since I am often with other animals, and sometimes out of cell range, please leave a message so your call can be returned promptly.

“I’m HOME” calls/texts: Please remember to call when you have returned home safely, otherwise I will continue visiting to assure the safety and well-being of your pets until I hear from you. Additional trips will be added to your bill at the regular rate. Please call or text at ANY hour and leave a voice message that you have returned.

Visitors: Please notify me if others (housekeepers, friends, family members, etc.) will have access to your home during your absence. Our Insurance does not allow for “Job Sharing”, where another person will be also caring for your pet(s).

Pet Proofing: It is the pet owner’s sole responsibility to “pet-proof” any areas of the home and/or property to which the pets has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors and other devices meant to contain the pets or restrict access to specific areas. The pet sitter does not assume responsibility and has no liability for any injuries the pets may sustain or property damage the pets may cause while in their own home/property.

Unsecured Pets: Pongo’s Pals cannot be responsible for free-roaming or outdoor pets in the event of illness, injury, loss or death. It is strongly advised that all pets have some form of permanent ID and that they remain inside the home or confined to a yard or pen for their own safety and welfare in your absence. I also require all Dogs be on leashes for walks.