About Us


Kelly Andrade
Owner, Pongo’s Pals Pet Services

My name is Kelly Andrade, I am a Mom, Grandmom, devoted animal lover and the owner of Pongo’s Pals Pet Services. I am a native Rhode Islander – born and raised.

I have always had at least one pet in my home since I was a child. I currently have 2 Rescue Dogs, Apollo and Lilly, 2 Cats, Bella and Lulu.

Our pets have always been a part of our family. We all love animals and cannot imagine our home without tails wagging, playful barking and especially furry cuddles!

In 2016 I wanted to follow my passion for animals and decided to make a positive change that is rewarding to me and helpful to fellow pet parents.

Pongo’s Pals’ mission is to treat your furry friend with all of the same love we would for our own pets.



pongo sketchPongo’s Story

When my husband and I met, our first baby was Pongo. We had the pleasure of him for 15 years before he lost his battle to cancer. We truly loved each other unconditionally from the moment we met. He taught me more than I thought possible and for this, I honor him in my business name.